This Spring Term sees a number of new courses added to our programme and developments of several existing ones for the new year. There are three new Life Drawing courses at Shoreditch, Monday and Wednesday daytime and Friday evenings, introducing the intensive and imaginative aspects of drawing from the model, allowing students to develop the fundamental practice required to represent the human body together with discovering their own individual response. For Spring Term Rhythm, Form, Space: Drawing from the Collection at the V&A will work with three tutors exploring the long and rich history of exchange and interplay between the East and West from Matisse, Van Gogh and Gauguin to Japanese prints, Oriental painting, Indian miniatures and Islamic patterns. Drawing The Body Clothed takes inspiration from Soutine’s kitchens and Life Drawing: Human Anatomy will be taught by both painters and a sculptor, alongside fortnightly lunchtime lectures with a surgeon. Drawing from Film continues on Friday evenings and the possibilities of film as a rich resource material will be taken further in several sessions of daytime course, Drawing a Story. At Central, Oxford Street, new course Drawn from Nature delves into natural history, from Birds-of-Paradise feathers and whale’s teeth to Dürer, Ruskin and Blake and the ‘paper museums’ and ‘cabinets of curiosity’. Saturday sculpture for Spring Term will be Sculpting the Figure, and on Fridays a new experimental five week course Drawing:Movement and Mind, aims at stretching our bodies to release tightness in our work, allowing for more varied marks and a greater potential for inventiveness in our drawing.